21 weeks and moving around!

Baby officially weighs 3/4 of a pound and is 10.5 inches long – about the length of a long carrot! It’s soooo exciting knowing that he is growing and developing new features every single day. On May 21st, I felt him move for the first time 🙂 and this morning, James felt baby kick!!!!! He was so ecstatic feeliing that and knowing it was his little baby boy inside me! So precious to see the look on his face! I am definitely enjoying being in the second trimester – what a relief from the first. But I am half way so I still have to get through the third trimester! We’ll see how that goes…


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17 weeks!

here are some of the wonderful pictures 🙂


We are so excited about all of this wonderful news and can’t wait to meet our son!!!!!!!

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It’s a….

It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooooo extremely excited 🙂 What an amazing and exciting blessing! We had our ultrasound yesterday and I got to see his little nose and everything. It was one of the coolest experiences – and super sweet for bonding with our baby. I’m so glad we decided to find out the gender because now we will be more focused on choosing a name and getting ready for his arrival! Any name suggestions? I’m finding it quite difficult..

I’ll try posting pictures later!

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I want 4:30pm to come!

Why might I want it to be 4:30pm on this fine Monday morning? Well, today we find out the gender of our baby!!! I am so extremely excited!!!

We did have a very fun weekend. James and I made tamales all day Saturday with our friend Adam. It was a lot of work, but sure was worth it! Then Sunday evening we had a group of our pregnant couple friends over for a fiesta! Mexican rice, refried beans, tamales, all the goodies – all homemade! It was a blast and a very special time.

Here’s a few pictures


From left to right: organic pinto beans from gold mine, soaking with kombu; james and adam making tamales; and the tamales in the pot!

Anyway, I’ll be updating sooner than later about baby and the gender!!!

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you know you’re in your 2nd trimester when…

Picture this – it’s 7:20am and my hubby just walked out the door… this is when I clean up from breakfast, right? Do a few dishes, wash a few pans… but then I turn the music on and what d’ya know?! I’m scouring the dish drainer, scrubbing the stove, got the bon ami out, and wiping down all counters and crevices!!! I went absolutely bonkers for 40 minutes on our kitchen this morning. I wasn’t really planning on it, but all of a sudden this need to just clean, clean, clean came out. It felt reeeeally good, too! Especially since the first trimester was extremely exhausting. So, moral of the story, you know you’re in your first trimester when sudden bursts of energy and cleaning is all you desire! Haha!

I am fully enjoying the second trimester lately… No more insane food aversions and I am able to eat a little more normally. The main favorites lately are salty things – including but not limited to – green olives stuffed with pimento, pickled shiso leaf, ume plums and paste, and of course, sauerkraut (Gold Mine only)! So many goodies… haha, but no cravings for sweets really.. strange. The only sweet thing I am craving is carrot juice – yum! In fact, I’m going to go have some now 😉

PS. these are the olives!!

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14 weeks :)

Lately, James and I have been pretty busy! This past week I drove up to the Mother’s Markets in Anaheim Hills and Santa Ana and did Gold Mine Sauerkraut demos. Then, this Saturday, Jimbo’s in San Diego had their customer appreciation day! All customers receive 5% off and the store also donated 5% to the Awakenings Health Insistute. I was sampling sauerkraut, of course. 🙂 All in all, it’s been a fun-filled and busy past few weeks. I am definitely feeling a lot better considering I am now in the second trimester. And, I can feel my lower tummy starting to get a little harder! It’s all so exciting! I just can’t wait to be showing more obviously. It seems like it will help when I am in public. haha maybe people will be more understanding when I am running to the bathroom – who knows! Anyway, the latest craving has been lots and lots of carrot juice – I just want a lot of it.

Any cravings you have, prego ladies out there?

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a long awaited update

It sure has been a while since I’ve written! Where does time go? I may very well be 12 weeks now. 🙂 (I say that with uncertainty because we just aren’t sure…haven’t had a sonogram or any measurements.) We’ve chosen a midwife and we are very excited about the home birth process! I can’t wait until our baby comes – what a glorious day that will be. In the meantime I’ve been working on creating a new label for some of Gold Mine’s products, cleaning and resting a lot when I can. I have definitely gotten more energy back, but I am still needing to slow it down as much as possible. James and I have been getting stuff done around the house, which is very helpful especially since our move in 3 months ago was never fully completed. Yikes! 😉

This weekend we are having his brother and his wife stay with us and boy are we excited! We are really looking forward to having some family fun. I have been having bad headaches and sore shoulders, so I am hoping those won’t bother me this weekend.

It is so hot today in SD! It’s amazing! I ate my lunch outside but I almost melted… I had one of my favorites today – Gold Mine jinenjo soba with sesame oil, ponzu, green beans, and yams! And later I sipped on wonderful coconut juice which is perfect for this 83 degree weather!

I just can’t wait for summer, it will be absolutely fabulous!

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Kidney Bean :)

I am eight weeks pregnant now and the baby is the size of a kidney bean! I am so excited each time I enter a new week of pregnancy. 🙂 Things have been going well, no more sickness. I’m still tired and hungry a lot, but that’s okay. It’s 75 degrees in beautiful San Diego today and I just ate a Rice Dream Vanilla Nutty Bar! I used to eat them when I was a kid with my Dad and I absolutley love them. 🙂 So yummy! I like them because there’s no refined sugar or dairy.

I figured it was okay to have a treat since I ate a pretty wholesome lunch – Organic Ecuadoran Quinoa mixed with Organic Bolivian Red Quinoa, homemade Organic Polenta, Organic Split Pea Soup and Organic Kale! I’m thankful to not have too many food aversions as of right now.. It was kind of rough in the beginning, I could hardly eat almost anything green. So frustrating. I’ve been walking with two 5lb weights lately and it’s really refreshing to get some excercise since I haven’t very much in the past 4 weeks.

This weekend I am going to the Natural Products Expo West convention in Anaheim. I am very much looking forward to it, but a little nervous to see how my energy holds up! I’ll keep you all updated.

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More Sauerkraut…

I’ve been eating more sauerkraut today… trying to hold myself back from getting too much salt! Hah. But it tastes even yummier with Seasoned Nori Strips wrapped around a juicy bite of kraut. All the crunch is so satisfying! The Seasoned Nori Strips have shoyu, mirin, shitake mushroom, and a little red pepper to give them a great flavor! The good news is that the red pepper is hardly even noticable, so they aren’t spicy – which is good for all the prego ladies! My doc advised me to avoid spicy food. He also told me no kombucha! 😦

What are some recommendations your doctor gave you?

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Kraut Lover

I’ve made it to my seventh week of pregnancy!! 🙂 I know it’s not much to brag about, but I am pretty excited that baby is the size of a blueberry! I love blueberries! But you know what I am really loving lately? Sauerkraut! I can’t help it! I just can’t seem to get enough Gold Mine Organic Raw Sauerkraut… It’s crunchy, refreshing and a little salty – it just hits the spot. It’s super yummy on a tempeh sandwich, but today I’ve just been eating it straight out of the jar. My favorite thing about the kraut is that its so clean, made with only Celtic Sea Salt and organic cabbage! It’s not like other sauerkraut because it’s raw so it’s not mushy! It’s actually crunchy, sort of like a pickle! Ahhh I’m just in love with it.  🙂

This weekend I got my very first maternity top and onesie for baby! haha of course the onesie was yellow so it’s kind of a gender neutral color. It’s so cute – there’s a bib with it that says, “I love Mommy.” We told James’ grandpa that we were pregnant at dinner on Saturday and it was so lovely! He’s so excited for us. And James’ aunt Janelle gave us the cute stuff. We have such wonderful family and support.

I did make a mistake this weekend though… I ate salmon twice (eating with family and at a restaurant). It wasn’t exactly my decision but I did anyway, then realized my doctor suggested that I avoided salmon. Oops! Now I just have to be serious about definitely not eating it. I am totally looking forward to dinner tonight! Akitakomachi… my very favorite variety of brown rice. We are making mexi rice bowls! I am thankful to have a husband who can cook healthy meals for me! Ta ta for now!

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